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Rihanna France.

Votre source francophone sur la chanteuse la plus talentueuse de notre génération: Robyn Rihanna Fenty...

 We ride - 2006.

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We ride - 2006. Empty
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  • Paroles:

    [Chorus] :
    Ride when we ride we ride
    It's till the day we die
    We die...When we ride we ride
    It's till the day we die

    [Verse 1]
    It's real late
    'Bout a quater to 1
    Thinkin' about everything
    We become
    And i hate it
    I thought we could make it
    But I'm ready to scratch this
    Just wanna forget about it
    I saw the pictures
    And the letters she sent
    You had me thinkin'
    You were out we your friends
    I'm so foolish
    Hate me like im stupid
    Cuz I thought it was just you and I [ Ohh ]

    Now I look back on the time
    That we spent and
    I see it in my mind
    Playing over and over again
    Its far and out
    You got me breaking down
    And I just can't figure out why
    But this is what you say

    [Chorus] x2

    [Verse 2]
    Visions in my mind
    Of the day that we met
    You showed me things
    That'll never forget
    Took me swimming
    In the ocean
    You had my head up in the clouds
    Make me feel like im floating [ Yeah ]
    You think I'm playing
    When you now its the truth
    Nobody else can do it
    Quite like I do
    All my kisses
    And my lovin'
    But ain't nobody
    Better than us


    [Chorus] x2

    [Verse 3]
    I guess it's over
    And definitely
    But you and I know
    It's not that easy
    To let go
    Of everything [ everything ] that we planned
    And start all over again
    Just blame yourself cuz you blew it
    I won't forget how you do it
    Sweet baby
    This is where the game ends now somehow
    Might not believe you and me
    We can figure it out [ Ohh Ohh ]


    You finna make me say boy
    I wish that you come hold me
    When I'm lonely
    When I need someone to talk to
    You would phone me
    Just like everything it's on me
    [ when we ride we ride it's till the day we die ]
    Boy you forgot about the promises
    You made me
    And now we'll let the memories
    Just fade away
    But I remember
    What you used to say
    [ when we ride we ride it's till the day we die ]

    [chorus] x2

    We Ride


Rihanna France.

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We ride - 2006.
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